Friday, December 5, 2008

Where I find my Spirituality...


"Spirituality as a way of life concerns itself with aligning the human will and mind with that dimension of life and the universe that is harmonious and ordered"

Peace and tranquility. My sense of calm and comfort. A thought occured to me the other day, how and when do I really get in touch with my spirituality??

Hmmm. When I allowed myself to sit quietly and contemplate, I realized that I do not get a harmonious alignment of my human will and mind from activities such as going to church and participating in weekly bible studies. Sure, don't get me wrong, hearing the word of God in the midst of his flock is important but for me, that is simply another appointment on my calendar rather than a metaphysical connection. For the longest time, I wondered, is it just me?? I didn't get the whole shouting, praise dance thing that others displayed in religious services. As a lifelong scholar, I used that time to of course LEARN more about the WORD but...
it still wasn't a SPIRITUAL connection...

It simply wasn't the experience of connecting with the healing powers of my higher power...
Where do I find my spirituality?

That was probably best answered when I figured out my dominant intelligence.
Highly self aware and best served when allowed to concentrate on matters by myself without outside influence.

Inner Peace.

I am most at peace when I can block the influence of the world and just be allowed to meditate, focus and connect. A melodious quiet song in the background. A non cluttered environment. An honest time for reflections.

My spirituality is tied directly to Christ. I truly believe that. I simply have a different medium from the norm and before I really allowed myself to think rationally about it, my way of connecting was a source of concern for me.
Answers come when you least expect it. I don't know why that topic came to mind. I'll never know... but, nevertheless, it is no longer a source of anxiety for me.

“We need to find God and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. Nature - trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls.”
~Mother Teresa

Until next time, I remain...
Simply Dione

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Remember when I said no angry posts?? I CHANGED my mind!

Well, well, well...
What do we have HERE!

Complete story can be found here...

This picture was sent to a Republican Women's Group recently. The editor of the newsletter said she was trying to refute a statement Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama made when he said his face does not look like the other faces on American money. Soooo, this "woman" and I use that term loosely, decides to create this image of Obama's face on a food stamp with KFC and Watermelon in the background. About 200 people received this racist piece of crap. When our lovely little editor was called on the carpet about the error of her ways, THEN she wants to sincerely apologize for offending anyone! WTF?? Too M%^&F*$#ng late!! Her truth has come to light. Ohhh wait. Maybe I should not say error of her ways. She IS entitled to an opinion... Let's say, when she was contacted about OPENLY stating the views of more than one republican... I guess John McCain was there to shut her down since he does not allow ANYONE to make fun of Barack Obama...

I digress...

One would think in THIS time in THIS day in age, that we as a people could overcome racism, but to my chagrin, it is alive and well. I have watched debate after debate and have loosely followed Republican and Democratic campaigns without falling into political-ese talk that would leave my friends and co-workers looking at me like I had two heads. They already think I'm a nerd so to add Washington jargon on top of that would be overkill!

Anyway, yes, we do live in a free country and everyone has freedom of speech. It is just a shame that we do not see that right as a RESPONSIBILITY to interject some INTELLIGENCE with it!

As I sit back and think of the turn this election has taken, I scold myself for even being angry with anything that has unfolded. The polls are out. Obama is in the lead because the country is tired of the flat line of the economy. The Republican nominee used his very last debate time to whine about nit picky things and the Vice Presidental nominee has not been the golden girl savior as expected. She is a divisive figure and her mouth and lack of knowledge of simple things like the names of National newspapers does not fare well for the GOP.
I guess as I break it down in my head, and if I were in GOP shoes, I'd be upset too but as a thinking, human being, I owe it to myself to conduct myself with some kind of decent decorum. That, in my eyes, transcends race, creed and color...

Oh, I'd also be upset if the guy I was running against looked so damn fly...

Until next time, I remain...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Diddy Blog #24

I'm back from Homecoming 2008 and I must say, even with the rain, I had the time of my life!! Plus, we won the game so that was par for the course... To my friend that missed it this year, yeah, I got your text message about me not partying too hard but I decided to ignore you for once! Hope to see you in the 'burg next time!! Haaaaa!! Now, as for my video post...
Well, if you haven't registered to vote by now...
I'm keeping up my end of the bargain, I'M not posting any angry posts, but I can't stop others from their opinion! I ran across this HILARIOUS video by Diddy. Usually, he's not one of my favorite actors but he had my stomach in stitches on this one!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Not a pity party post, it's just fuunnnnyyy...

Top Ten Messages Left On Sarah Palin's Answering Machine

10. "Hi, it's John McCain; I had to go to bed. How'd it go?"

9. "Hi, Katie Couric here. Have you thought of a Supreme Court case yet?"

8. "Hi, it's Bill Clinton. Let me know when Todd's out of town"

7. "My name is Joseph Sixpack - knock it off"

6. "Hi, Katie Couric again - think of any newspapers yet?"

5. "Buy the Late Show Fun Facts book. It's a bridge to hilarity"

4. "John McCain again; could you pick up my prescriptions?"

3. "Senator Larry Craig here - do you have Joe Biden's phone number?"

2. "McCain again; do you remember where I parked the Straight Talk Express?"

1. "It's President Bush. If you're at the debate, who's watchin' Russia?"

Haaaaaaa!!!! What a great way to go into the weekend. A little light humor. Saturday is my college homecoming and I can't wait to see all of my old friends!

Monday, September 29, 2008

20 Things I Love...

I'm staying true to my "No Pity Party" posts so I decided to write about 20 things I Love...

Snuggling underneath a warm blanket with the one you love in the middle of winter...

Time change in the fall...

Coming home after a hard day at work and my dog meets me at the door and just rolls over on her back and gives me those side eyes that say, "I've been waiting on my tummy rub all day!"...

Having someone else wash my hair...

Getting money I never expected...

How Obama is just so damn cool...

Those few friends I have that really understand ME! They don't let me down and they are there exactly when I need them. Whether I called them or not...

Catching up with old friends and feeling like time never passed...

Snow Crab Legs...

Accomplishment of a tough task...

A cold nose and cuddle time with my doggie...

A good movie with a happy ending...

Seeing the light bulb go off when a student finally understands...

Final car payments...

Seeing a man truly appreciate the beauty of a woman. One that gives sincere compliments, not a gawk or a stare and most certainly not crass statements about a woman's body parts...

A well put together melody...

Southern Sweet Tea. Enough said...

Curling up with a good book and no distractions for hours...

My people...

How my family just fits together like the patchwork quilts my grandma used to make...

My list could go on and on, but I must get back to work! Take time today to reflect on those things that make you smile. Then, SMILE!

Until next time... pay no attention to those pesky gas signs...

Oops! That was a pity party remark! Sarcasm is creeping back upon my shoulders...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

So Today I needed a laugh...

My good people.
I've been between the paperwork.
Under the microscope.
Feel like the whole world's a stage.
Can't even reach the beloved mountaintop.
What is we gone do?

A message to Y'all know who you are...
I'm turning down the invitation to your pity parties.
Don't want to hear your crying.
Please, find someone else to gripe to.
I gotta do the same thing and still make it through my day.

YOU :-)

Ahh! I feel better now...
Until next time... I remain...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kudos to Go Zack!

I finally got around to visiting my favorite blogs today. Posts, including mine are buzzing about politics, politics, politics... What a mess we have here with folks name calling and finger pointing! I read fellow blogger Go Zack's post about the "dilemma" of Gov. Palin's daughter and I must say, I had a good chuckle about that one! Thanks Zack for the light moment!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Republican National Convention was...

...the cheesiest low blow action I've seen in a long time. I viewed the Palin speech just now with a serious feeling of downright disgust. I've never seen so many wax faced country folks wearing big ole Texas J.R. Ewing hats in one place. They look dead I tell ya! Dead mannequins hanging out at the convention! The arrival of the hurricane on the 1st day should have been fair warning. The convention did not need to go on!! The one's that didn't look dead looked like the were starved for SOME kind of attention! Who the heck wears a button that says "Our state is voting for the HOT CHICK"?!?!? Don't get me wrong, I'M NOT ANGRY... I'm disappointed in how totally classless tonight's speeches were. This convention is on a whole different level and I don't mean on a higher pedestal than last week's DNC... In my humble opinion, the McCain-Palin ticket needs to work on trying to create a better America rather than collaborating to come up with put down after put down of Obama. CLASS-LESS! This came even after Obama defended Palin and told the media her 17 year old unmarried pregger daughter should be off limits for media discussion... The choices the GOP are making and the stance they are taking and the non-tasteful manners they are showing the rest of America does NOT endear their camp to me nor should it to anyone with half a brain. Even their venue is cheesy. What was up with those images of America they were showing in the background?? Two words :-) CHEE-SY!!!!! What y'all need to do is get some serious sex education over there in Alaska so PALIN's state wouldn't rank at almost the #1 state for sexually transmitted diseases! Low Blow that you Hockey Mom!

Ok! I'm dog dead tired and have tons of work to do and should NOT be blogging right now but hey, I feel better now...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beginning of the School Year is kicking my butt!

Hi out there fellow blog buddies. I've been away for far too long and I miss reading your posts... The beginning of the school year is always the worst when you're trying to grab an extra moment to simply ahhhhhh! BREATHE! Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying my students all and I even have a student teacher this semester to give us an extra hand but still, there's so much to do all at once to keep everything organized and on track. My 7th and 8th graders aren't that far off the organized mark but ohhhh, my little 6th graders. They are so cute because they have that deer in headlights look about them being in a new school and all. Unfortunately, we also have to hold their hands until they get the swing of middle school...
Ohhhh, I so can't wait until we get to that auto pilot mode!
Anywhoo... that's my little update from my corner of the world, whether anyone cared about it or not!
Oh, and I'm sooooooo mad at Keith for his last comment on my page :-) "I was livin the American Dream...with my Box haircut and Polka dot shirt and hammer pants to boot!-lolololol..." Yeah Keith, we're going to need to see some pictures of you with the box haircut and HAMMER PANTS!! Man! I think Hammer had to sell his at his bankruptcy auction so he might need to borrow yours!
KD, that Hip Hop Junkies song was for YOU!!
Until next time,

Friday, August 15, 2008

And the Winner is...

The winner of the Old Skool Name that tune contest is
BCU was the 1st one to get all of my tunes correct. If you were in my class, we'd have to do an interview for all the fans out there that want to know how you stay so kool with all of that old skool music knowledge. It's OK BCU, I'll fend off the reporters and play some of that music and get the party started right... *Dancing and Singing Set It Off in my head. "Set it off on the left..."* Oh, gotta get back to myself... Anyway, Beautifully.Conjured.Up, one point of clarification, the #1 song was Keep ON Keeping on... but your response was good enough to get you the gold! No worries, no one is here to challenge that fact, much unlike the sore loser that tried to Challenge the reaaaallllllyyyyy close win tonight by Michael Phelps when he beat old boy by 1/100th of a second. Haaaaa! Here's your award BCU!

For everyone else, thanks for participating. I had fun reminiscing and chillin to some classic music. For the record, here are the correct responses... I posted the videos for the songs a few people missed so you can catch up on your old skool rhymes!!

#1 Keep On Keepin On - MC Lyte Featuring Xscape

#2 Creep -TLC

#3 Beat It -Michael Jackson

#4 Doo Doo Brown -Two Hyped Brothers and a Dog

#5 Hold On -En Vogue

#6 Real Love -Mary J. Blige

#7 Tootsie Roll

#8 Cake and Eat It Too -Nice&Smooth

#9 If I Ever Fall In Love -Shai

#10 Poison -BBD

The following video is for someone who's SUPPOSED to be the HIP HOP JUNKIE. I can't figure out why he missed Nice and Smooth but maybe he was having a bad day! Haaaaa!

Thanks again blogger buddies! I'm out for the weekend getting lesson plans together for next week so I may be dropping by your blogs but I probably won't post here for a few more days.

Until we chat again,
I remain,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Name That Tune...

Old Skool music challenge...
I love my old music, from back in the day when artists took time to coordinate their clothes and actually had them up on their hips instead of hanging low...

Yeah, I know, ole boy STILL looks good even though he's teaching our men to go out looking like that. Too bad all of our boys don't have bodies like that though. I digress... Back to what I was saying, some of my friends pick on me because I still have a box of cassette tapes that I will actually listen to from time to time. Call me a pack rat or whatever but I'll be the first to admit, I have a pretty nice music collection in record, cassette tapes, CD's and finally MP3 format. The 1st record I ever bought was Atomic Dog by George Clinton. No lie. My mom took me to the record store to buy it. Then I bought Prince's Soundtrack Under The Cherry Moon and New Edition's Candy Girl Album. Then I moved on to Cassette tapes and I must say my cassette and CD collections are rather large and I just can't see getting rid of perfectly good music so I keep my tapes for my listening pleasure. Just for the record; no pun intended, I will say that I don't sport portable cassette players and portable CD players outside of my home domain like this one friend I know but shall remain nameless to protect his coolness :-0 This weekend, I drove to Florida for my best friend's grandmother's funeral. I drove my mom's car because it's easier for her to get in and out of her car than my SUV. My mom bought her car juuuussssttttt as CD players were becoming standard in cars in 2001. She didn't know to insist on the CD player soooo her car has a tape deck :-( I was FORCED to pull out my tapes from back in the day which inspired this post. Great songs from my collection. I've posted some of the lyrics to see if you can recognize any of them. Some of y'all are young bucks so it may go waaaay over your head. If so, you need to run down to the CD store and tell the owner you are missing a huge piece of musical history and you need some help with a musical revolution! Haaaaa! Please know this is not a list of my favorites nor is it indicative of ALL i have in my collection but I wanted to keep the list to about 10 so I chose the 10 I could get lyrics for rather quickly.

I can't wait to see how well you do. The winner gets a "lovely" prize from me!

Here Goes...
1. B-Boy, where the f**k you at?
I been looking for you're a** since a quarter past.
Hot peas and butter, baby, come and get your supper.
Before I make you suffer That's when you had enough-a
Can I get hot when you hit the jackpot?
Surely I can, if you the man.
I get loose and produce large amounts of juice.
Can you get used to that or do you need a boost of energy to enter me ang
get it on.
You're gettin' warm.
I can feel you getting closer.
Now baby, down this Mimosa.
You better believe it's time to give a toast to.
The woman of the decade, too bad to be played.
Get vex and I'm bound to throw shade.
All over your body.
Who's body?
You're body.
I can rock a party like nobody.
Leavin' time to take home the loot.
Choosy about who I let knock my boots.
Now let me take sight while your lovin' the ___.
Life ain't all that unless you're doing it right.

2. The 22nd of loneliness and we've
Been through so many thangs
I love my man with all honesty
But I know he's cheatin' on me
I look him in his eyes but all he
Tells me is lies to keep me near
I'll never leave him down though
I might mess around it's only
'Cause I need some affection

3. You Better Run, You Better Do What You Can
Don't Wanna See No Blood, Don't Be A Macho Man
You Wanna Be Tough, Better Do What You Can

4. Buffed up wax back
Armor All down
Tell him, homie
Who's in town
(That's my man,__________

5. Oooh, my first mistake was
I wanted too much time
I had to have him morning, noon, and night
If I would of known then
The things that I know now
I might not have lost the time I complain about

6. So I try my best and pray to God
He'd send me someone real
To caress me and to guide me
Towards a love my heart can feel
Now I know I can be faithful
I can be your all and all
And give you good lovin' through the summertime
Winter, spring and fall

7. To the left, to the left, to the right, to the right
To the front, to the front, to the back, to the back
Now slide, slide baby slide, just slide baby slide
just slide baby slide, come on come on
To the left, to the left, to the right, to the right
To the front, to the front, to the back, to the back
Now dip baby dip, come on let's dip baby dip baby
Dip baby just dip, baby dip baby dip
Just Dip, Cotton Candy sweet and low

8. I've spent most my life, searchin for yours true
And when we first met I thought that girl was you
You really captured me, right there from the start
But how was I to know that today you'd break my heart?
I bought you Fendi, Louis', diamond rings
Mink jackets all the fly material things
Thought you were mine, from the heaven above
But I see another knucklehead sharin my love
I thought you were the lock and I, had the key
My personal jewel, my life's entity

9. The very first time that I saw your brown eyes
Your lips said "hello" and I said hi
I knew right then you were the one
But I was caught up in physical attraction
But to my satisfaction
Baby you were moooorrre than just a face

10. Girl, I must warn you
I sense something strange in my mind
Situation is serious
Let's cure it 'cause we're running out of time
It's oh, so beautiful
Relationships they seem from the start
It's all so deadly
When love is not together from the heart
It's drivin' me out of my mind
That's why it's hard for me to find
Can't get it out of my head
Miss her, kiss her, love her (Wrong move you're dead)

Good music, good times, good memories!

A brief word to the angels that were taken to their heavenly home this past weekend. You will be missed and the world has lost a great comedian and a talented musician. Both icons in the entertainment industry. Rest In Peace Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Disgusting things...

I was just sitting here trying to get my mind right to go back to work for real for real next week. (I've been working all summer with summer school and content planning but the REAL clock starts Aug. 13th)

A few things ran across my mind; productive stuff like how much more organized I'll be, different beginning of the year activities for my students, which grad school I'll choose, people I will be glad to see and people I'll just wave at and keep on walking. We've got new people in the building and several people have moved on. Which brought me to today's topic. Disgusting stuff. Barring names and other identifying info, I had several people that just downright disgusted the helloutta me! For instance, there was this one chap that used to smack so loudly when he ate his food. Not only that, god forbid he had any sauce to go with whatever he was eating. Trust. We saw any and everything that was in his mouth. Numerous times. Then he had nose AND ear hair that was clearly visible from the upper part of the atmosphere. I'm saying, how can a woman KISS up on that?? Oh, and once, when he came out of the bathroom AT SCHOOL, his doodie aroma followed him. ewwww.... Please. Do your extended squats at HOME and spare the rest of us from a slow death!

One of my friends dated a guy that used to lick her face in public. wtf?? I mean come on! I'm all for the little cutesy games couples play behind closed doors and hey, if that's how y'all got down and if it works to keep the love alive, do your thang while hanging from the chandelier or the pole y'all installed in your bedroom. But dayum, don't do that ish while we at TGIF ordering our food. I almost fell under the table watching the waitress try to keep her composure. You know they already think we don't know how to act and this buck is at the table licking his woman's face up and down like he's painting a wall veeerrrryyyy carefully!

I'm a prude, I know but I also think loud azz burps are totally disgusting and not for public earshot. Especially if it is followed by the foul aroma of your effin lunch that has crawled up in your intestines and cohabitated there for 7 days. (Ok. The Science teacher in me knows your body doesn't take that long to digest food but work with me here). If your burps go past 70decibels, you need a Gastrologist (I think!)

I finally peeped that video Two Girls One Cup. Apparently the phenomenon is that you show the video to someone and you tape their response. I can usually put gross stuff outta my mind but that doggone video had me freaked out. I almost wish I hadn't seen it but I couldn't resist getting caught up and videotaping a few of my co-workers while they watched the video. Classic! At least I wasn't the one watching the video again. My Stomach couldn't handle that one... and neither could my co-worker. She almost threw up right then and there. Then I'd be posting about her too :-)

We won't even touch picking noses in public, a woman's pants so tight she has that "camel foot" in the front, or washing yo drawers and hanging them up for errybody to see while at Girl Scout Camp... too many bad memories on that last one. Guess with thoughts like these, I'm not getting in the right frame of mind to go back to work!

Anyway, what's the most disgusting thing you've witnessed and did u tell them off for ignoring public protocol and common decency?? Let me hear your stories!

Until next time...
I remain,

Monday, August 4, 2008


** If you are viewing a picture of My Meez below, you are toooooo late for my actual slideshow :-( I warned you to not delay for my pictures would not be up for very long. 48 hours max! For those of you that did get a chance to see photos, how well does my Meez match up to the real thing?? :-)**

Folks, today, I thought I'd share a few photos of me and my world. This is a chance for you to see another part of who I am and things that I do. The slide show on this post comes from my Divine9Online page so most of the photos are sorority related. Some other time, I'll share my BulldogUnit photos and you'll have an opportunity to see a more rounded out part of my life. Don't delay in viewing my pics for they may soon be goooonnnnneee... :-)

Before I share, I'd just like to say that lately, I've had this strange feeling that I have major moments to experience in my life and that there is greatness within me still yet to be revealed. Somehow, I just KNOW that I have better things ahead and that God does not intend for me to remain stagnant and stuck on my one way street. "No man was ever great without divine inspiration". I will be an obedient follower and will allow him to order my steps...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh yeah, to all my blogger buddies, I MISSED you guys while I was away! I logged on briefly to send some replies but that was about all I had time for. Glad to be back in the mix. Welcome back Writer's Dream. You took a long vacation on us but I hope all was well with you and you are blessed and highly favored.

Until next time,
Be sexy be true

P.S. For some odd reason, some of my photos are cut off on the right side. Don't know what that's about but it seems like some of my stuff on my blog always gets cut off. Oh, well. C'est La Vie!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Let the convention begin!

Hey folks, I intended to have a post ready to go before now but you know how we women are when we are trying to pack a suitcase. I stayed up waaaay too late last night/this morning packing. You know it's bad enough just trying to get my suitcase packed but I was packing my mom's suitcase too so I overextended myself a little by underestimating my time! I had been working on the draft for two days but oh well! I'll post it when I get an opportunity a little later. I HOPE that will be tonight at the hotel but who knows, I might crash in the bed when I get there!
I am headed off to my National Convention in sunny Orlando, Florida. I am very excited because this is the first time in four convention years that I have not been obligated in a delegate seat. I am a regular registered delegate this year sooooo, my mom and I are freeeeeee to pick and choose the meetings and sessions we will attend! When she is ready to leave a luncheon, out we go! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! I truly hope to get back to my Blog Buddies before the weekend is over. Y'all hold it down as I know you will and I'll be trying to not be a crack addict and check blog rolls from my phone while driving down the highway! Until next time, be a champion for your causes. The little guy will appreciate your dedication and compassion...

First Love

I remain,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good ole South Carolina... Back to our past...

Folks, I ran across this post on a blog of one of MY state senators. I read through more of the posts from and I became even more enraged that THIS is a person in a PUBLIC office representing ME. As an educator, scratch that... As a PUBLIC school educator AND a tax paying citizen, I was totally blown away by Senator Bryant's July 21 post.

I'll be the first to admit that I have a romantic view of life. I like to think that in the end, everything will always work out and happily ever after will happen for everyone. Lately, my eyes have been pryed open whether I wanted it to happen or not... This is one of those times.

The unmitigated gall of a public servant to post obviously derogatory comments without care nor concern for ALL the people is beyond what my common sense and political support can handle. I'm sarcastic. It's in my personality and I know how to get under someones skin when I'm tired of going tit for tat and I want someone out of my hair; but, I'm a well educated professional and I know when and where to allow sarcasm to rear her ugly head. This man (and I use that term loosely) could care less that he has alienated a large portion of South Carolina residents. We are supposed to be more progressive than this... We come from determined stock. Our state showed up in record breaking numbers to vote for Obama during the Democratic primaries and well exceeded republican primary numbers by the thousands... Sen. Kevin Bryant and those that are showing support for him, how could you just blow that off like you can still carry this backward way of thinking into OUR future?? How can you still sit on your high horse and pretend that YOU aren't the change that WE are talking about when WE win this election??
This is asinine and it's making me puke.

I'm ashamed.

because there are MORE people out here that think just like him

because we happily put him in office

because his views affect my students and the funding we DON'T get to give them the best education they deserve

because he sees NOTHING wrong with posting ish like that on his website

because my state was 1st to secede from the Union but only because we WANTED to keep slavery alive...

because we are STILL fighting about having a Confederate flag on our statehouse grounds where people like Senator Bryant make decisions on MY behalf

because HE's not MAD as hell about the state of our economy and he doesn't see that a vote for McCain is a vote for 4 MORE years of the same Dubya administration

It is AMAZING that I live among such people. I'll pause for the moment of silence you obviously need after reading that atrocity...
Now, for those of you that would like to try and stop me from opening up this:

Senator Bryant's CELL phone number and address are posted on his Senate page. I would like for you to kindly step aside...

Until next time, I'll be working on a few Social Action Items...

I remain,

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I am Me.
In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me.

Everything that comes from me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it -- I own everything about me: my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself.
I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears.
I own my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes.
Because I own all of me, I can become intimately acquainted with me.
By so doing, I can love me and be acquainted with all things being me.
I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other aspects that I do not know -- but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and ways to find out more about me. However I look and sound, whatever I say and do, and whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time is authentically me.
If later some parts of how I looked, sounded, thought, and felt turn out to be unfitting, I can discard that which is unfitting, keep the rest, and invent something new for that which I discarded.
I can see, hear, feel, think, say, and do.
I have the tools to survive, to be close to others, to be productive, and to make sense and order out of the world of people and things outside of me.

I own me, and therefore, I can engineer me.
I am me, and I will be Okay.
~Virginia Satir

I am ME. But this world is heavy. I am also my mom, my dad, family, friend, co-worker, teacher, caretaker, and a hero.

I grieve, I weep, I pray.
For me, for them, for all.

Hope is not in my possession at this time.
Maybe, just maybe, soon we'll chat over a tall glass of wine.

I look in the mirror and who do I see?
Maybe. Just Maybe. Today. Just Me...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Political Humor...

It's strange, the business of politics. Seems like everyone has a hand in one of the jars. Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Making promises, Pretending to support one another but stabbing your compadre in the back the first chance you get, pocketing mad loot while the rest of us face a SERIOUS energy crisis. It's a mad, mad game and I for one, question why anyone in their right mind would even want to get ivolved in the first place. Yeah, I know the usual- Heal the world, make this world a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying... (you know the song too. Finish the lyrics on your own. I forgot the rest...) Somebody's got to step up to the plate, right??

I've always been perfectly happy being by myself. I'm an only child so I have NO problem finding ways to stay busy. I think I should just close in the little section of land we have here and become my own self sufficient entity. Grow my own food, create my own media entertainment, and live off of residual income from my financial portfolio. Take that gubment! No $5/gallon of gas from ME! Alas, that could be a perfect world but, I admit, I'm not that much of a loner and I would miss human company and meeting new people. Sooo, we the people of the United States of America are forced to deal with the politcal antics that are front page news, instead of actually concentrating on REAL efforts to fix the upside down twist we are currently facing. Case in point. Front page news. Rebbie Reb Jackson... WTF?? I don't care if you didn't think the mic was on, why would you discuss another man's nuts with a total stranger?? Dude, why would you even go there?? I've long since discounted Joker Jessie and dismissed him school teacher style. That means go straight to the office. Do not pass go and do not return without a parent for a conference...That was loong ago during his FIRST presidential bid for office. He should have saved himself the embarassment and quit at one but noooooo... he felt the need to put us through that twice... His own son has even expressed publicly his disappointment in Rebbie Reb. Speaking of Rebbie Rebs. I met Al Sharpton once. At a part time gig I had at a high end Hotel chain. If you really want to know what a person is like, see how they treat people they think are beneath them... It was not a memorable experience and he was above arrogant in his demeanor which means I discount Rebbie Sharpton too...
McCain is no better. He's just plain scary...
Even the old guy he's reaching out to has a look on his face that tells it all. "You no gooder will keep my grandson oberseas and keep taxing us country folk just trying to make an honest living on our family farm!" and Hillary??I'm not EVEN going to go there with her. You all know I could go on for days and days about the Hell and deceit of Hillary. She loaned her campaign millions of $$ because of what?? Can you say EGO?? Stop trying to pimp Obama supporters to help you retire your debt. Between you and Bill, y'all got that. Handle your bidness at your own bank without our money. As a matter of fact, sista can you spare a dime? I'm good for it. NOT!
You might be wondering what I've gotta say about Barack Hussein Obama. Well folks, I KNOW he's not perfect and I KNOW he's got to play this polictical game just as hard as everyone else. Has he lied? I'm sure he has. Did he participate in double talk? I'm sure he has. He's still, IMHO the better candidate out here today. I for one think that the conservatives should be tired of the Dubya empire and should be on their hands and knees thanking ANYONE that someone ELSE is willing to step up to the plate and FIX what George has put asunder. That's a whole lotta mess for one little Obama to clean up. He's got two things of his own to get straight first though...Haaaa!!!!

Look at me, turning this thing into a big ole gripe session. I'm signing off. Until next time, I remain...