Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Disgusting things...

I was just sitting here trying to get my mind right to go back to work for real for real next week. (I've been working all summer with summer school and content planning but the REAL clock starts Aug. 13th)

A few things ran across my mind; productive stuff like how much more organized I'll be, different beginning of the year activities for my students, which grad school I'll choose, people I will be glad to see and people I'll just wave at and keep on walking. We've got new people in the building and several people have moved on. Which brought me to today's topic. Disgusting stuff. Barring names and other identifying info, I had several people that just downright disgusted the helloutta me! For instance, there was this one chap that used to smack so loudly when he ate his food. Not only that, god forbid he had any sauce to go with whatever he was eating. Trust. We saw any and everything that was in his mouth. Numerous times. Then he had nose AND ear hair that was clearly visible from the upper part of the atmosphere. I'm saying, how can a woman KISS up on that?? Oh, and once, when he came out of the bathroom AT SCHOOL, his doodie aroma followed him. ewwww.... Please. Do your extended squats at HOME and spare the rest of us from a slow death!

One of my friends dated a guy that used to lick her face in public. wtf?? I mean come on! I'm all for the little cutesy games couples play behind closed doors and hey, if that's how y'all got down and if it works to keep the love alive, do your thang while hanging from the chandelier or the pole y'all installed in your bedroom. But dayum, don't do that ish while we at TGIF ordering our food. I almost fell under the table watching the waitress try to keep her composure. You know they already think we don't know how to act and this buck is at the table licking his woman's face up and down like he's painting a wall veeerrrryyyy carefully!

I'm a prude, I know but I also think loud azz burps are totally disgusting and not for public earshot. Especially if it is followed by the foul aroma of your effin lunch that has crawled up in your intestines and cohabitated there for 7 days. (Ok. The Science teacher in me knows your body doesn't take that long to digest food but work with me here). If your burps go past 70decibels, you need a Gastrologist (I think!)

I finally peeped that video Two Girls One Cup. Apparently the phenomenon is that you show the video to someone and you tape their response. I can usually put gross stuff outta my mind but that doggone video had me freaked out. I almost wish I hadn't seen it but I couldn't resist getting caught up and videotaping a few of my co-workers while they watched the video. Classic! At least I wasn't the one watching the video again. My Stomach couldn't handle that one... and neither could my co-worker. She almost threw up right then and there. Then I'd be posting about her too :-)

We won't even touch picking noses in public, a woman's pants so tight she has that "camel foot" in the front, or washing yo drawers and hanging them up for errybody to see while at Girl Scout Camp... too many bad memories on that last one. Guess with thoughts like these, I'm not getting in the right frame of mind to go back to work!

Anyway, what's the most disgusting thing you've witnessed and did u tell them off for ignoring public protocol and common decency?? Let me hear your stories!

Until next time...
I remain,


12kyle said...

2 girls and 1 cup?? that's some nasty shit! ugh. never seen it b4...and i won't see it

one of the nastiest things that i've seen is a dude throw up on the floor...then fall face first...and roll in it.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

That 2 girls and 1 cup made me vomit for about 4 minutes straight...that shit was nasty.

The nastiest thing I've ever seen was this video of a lady who had a maggot growing in her scalp. In order for the doctor to get it out, the lady had to wait a few days for the maggot to grow and be suffocated with petroleum jelly. Then the doctor took the maggot out of her scalp...


I still have the video...wanna see? Its kinda cool in a scientific way.

Keith said...

Okayyyy!! There goes my appetite for today. lololol. The Most disgusting thing I ever witnessed
was a man who lost control of his bowells on a crowded city bus one day during the summer. First I heard it, then I saw it running down his pants legs..then I smelled
it. The next stop, the entire bus
emptied...I still can't get that smell out of my mind...ughhhhhhh!

Changing the subject...How is my favorite Delta Blogger doing today?

Dione said...

12kyle- that wasn't u was it?? Haaaa! I heard u had a bad experience at the show shoe once!!

BCU- Oh my god! I was rolling on the floor on your comment. Yeah, I had to surpress the vomit urge on that one. It was tough though. I'm hooked on seeing the reactions of folks. YOu can't find the vido itself but the reactions are all over Youtube. Yeah, I wanna see the maggot video! Can you email it?

Keith- Man, that bowel thing is awful. I had a professor back in college that that happened to. I can still remember the shock of it spilling down his leg and then the class emptied the room. I felt kinda bad for him after that so we took it easy on him. I'd forgotten about that... This DST blogger is doing alright today. Just glad to be in the number just one mo time!

Everyone- Thanks for the laugh on this Humpday Wednesday!!

12kyle said...

@ Dione
Noooooo! That was one of my teammates at SC State

I did throw up at the shoe show but I made it to the bathroom. LoL

Lmao @ you and Beautifully.Conjured.Up for wanting to watch maggots in somebody's hair

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i didnt know ethiopians jogged

Dione said...

12kyle- your roomate. yeah right... Man, I saw that maggot video and it was nasty/interesting. I mean it was educational in the fact that living things are always seeking the basics things of life but dayum! Seeing that maggot wriggling it's head out of that lady's head was downright nasty!!

Rawdawg- What's up with the Ethiopian comment??

Kieya said...

nastiest thing - I'm an RA & for St. Patty's day, we found this kid takin a dunk on the toilet & vomiting his brains out at the same time. The smell was enough to make my eyes roll to the back of my head...yuck

Jane said...

that 2 girls 1 cup video, got a hold of me to....I had to see it... once i did I was so disgusted that I's like something you can't erase from your mind.

Me and my man friend (lol) are one of those massive PDA couples. One of those couples everyone hates...kissy face, cleaning each others eyes and nose....just sick when I think of it... how does anyone stand us?

Dione said...

Hi Kieya and Jane! Welcome to My Evolution. I appreciate you all dropping by! I'll be over to your blogs soon.
Kieya- Yes, that's pretty disgusting. Sad that that kid would let himself get that drunk to be free flosing from both ends. Haaaa!

Jane, Jane, Jane- I can take the PDA'ers that kis in public but cleaning the eyes AND the nose? Naaa... I'm going to be the 1st one videotaping that and posting that on Youtube! Haaaa! I feel ya on the Two Girls but man, the reactions are just f.u.n.n.y.

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