Monday, July 27, 2009


Dear Michael Jackson's Doctor,
Ummm... Do you realize you probably won't get an impartial trial? Ok. Maybe in some remote area that has never seen the likes of a TV and radio. You're up for manslaughter. It should be innocent until proven guilty but it really sucks to be you right now.

If there is a next time, NEVER compromise your values and faithfully execute ethical decisions that have been clearly thought out. Please. Do tell. What was going on in that house? Were you star struck? Yeah, I can see MJ having that effect but dang man, you coulda said no. You coulda said no...

Enlighten Me...

Random things going through my mind lately...

I recently had the weekend off but still had someone to watch my Mom so I took advantage of some "Me Time". I hadn't been to the movies in a minute so I decided to check out a couple of new releases. I went to the counter to get some snacks and Good Lawd! It cost me near $20 just for my ticket, popcorn and a drink. Heck NO lady, I don't want to add a box of candy for an extra $2.50.
That's when I remembered that unspoken rule that you're supposed to take your own candy and drink with you! Obviously we start it at a young age because I took my class to the movies this year and one of my 6th grade students asked me if he could go get a cup of ice for the bottle of soda in his pocket. This was the norm for him but as his teacher, I could not condone such behavior!
Anyway, back to my point. The theaters should be hip to the game by now. Geez! I had people all around me cracking soda can tops, unwrapping Big Macs and fries and passing a bag of Fun Size Snickers down the aisle. One would think they could actually make more money if they simply lowered their prices to something reasonable. Come on. $6.00 for a small popcorn?? Get it together or errybody will be racing to buy snacks ahead of time. By the way, Orphan was a TRUE horror story. Let adoptive parents beware!

Ummmm... Excuse me Jillian from The Bachelorette. Sorry. NO WAY can you be totally in love with two different guys. You're snogging two different people in the same day. Helloooooo. There's a name for that where I'm from...

The LuvGuv. Ha! This is one of my soror's hot topics. Don't get her started! I read the $3.5 million house on the beach was on the market but was removed after Sanford's indiscretions came to light. I guess scandals don't sell houses huh?

Personally, I wonder why he just didn't take his mistress to this castle by the ocean and save everyone the expense of looking for him hiking the trails. This man keeps taking vacations. Please, stay on the job for one straight week and take care of South Carolina Business. As often quoted in my business meetings, "It's not personal, it's POLICY".

Sarah Palin
Listen, you stepped down. Threw in the towel. Gave up a job you took an oath to finish. Please. Stop telling the media to leave you alone. You cannot control this anymore than you can control your Russian neighbors. Hee Hee! :-) Sit Down.

What's up with posting R.I.P. decals on your automobile? Where did that practice come from? Everywhere I go these days, I see these decals plastered on people's back windshields, on the trunk, on the hood, wheverever they can fit in... The girl that does our lawn has two of those MoFo's on each of her back windows. I dunno. Maybe that helps ease the pain but then again... Nah...

I'm loving Facebook and I enjoy thoughtful, meaningful status updates. It's cool because I get my friend's updates sent as texts to my phone. I'm always in touch even when I'm at work where they've blocked it of course :-(
Just one thing. It's Facebook, not Twitter, right? Right?? I've had to hide some folks from the newsfeed due to an update every 1/2 hour about how many people have walked through their office and how many grapes they had for lunch. Also, please. Chill with the Ghetto Drink gifts. I don't understand the point of the application. Oh wait. I just blocked that ish from my feed! Ahhhh. All is better with that part of Facebook for now!

Do you see this picture? Please comply. Thank You.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Divine Intervention

Heaven has really called some talented people home! All of these deaths really make one appreciate this thing called life. Ups and downs aside, we are blessed each time we wake up and we are here to fulfill a purpose each day. I resolve to do better to make sure that before my head hits the pillow each night, I have in some way, somehow, done something to fulfill God's purpose for me.

My prayer
Heavenly Father, I seem to have forgotten my Divine life purpose, and I ask your help so that I may remember the reason I am here on this Earth at this time. I know that I have been given all gifts to fulfill my mission, and I ask for your continued guidance. Please help me immerse myself in meaningful actions that serve you. In your name, I serve.

Today's talented soul that was called home is E. Lynn Harris. Great author of African-American, urban, alternate lifestyle books.

P.S. In case you're wondering, I'm the short one :-)

Until next time, live each day to the fullest and resolve to fulfill God's purpose for you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A "Man" Apology

Hey, hey now. Far be it from me to pass judgement on ANYBODY. I am neither a judge nor jury and Tupac said it best; "Only God Can Judge Me." No way am I going to sit here and say Chris Brown was dead wrong for putting his hands on a woman. Correction, no way am I going to sit here and say he was dead wrong for putting his hands on a woman in a violent, life threatening way. I'm not going to call him less than a man because he should have gotten out of the car, walked away, held his composure. Uh uh. I won't say that as a grown man, HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER and just remove himself from the situation especially if his girlfriend did something to deliberately press his buttons. Note to Chris- Women do this. Ya know. Press your buttons from time to time. I'm not saying we have a right to do that but hey, if one does such things to you, you don't need to be with them anyway...
Obviously, he is trying to make amends and set the record straight and show us he's still a good guy. He even posted this nice apology video for all of us.

Ummm... Thanks Chris.

I'm not going to say you were dead wrong. There are plenty of other people who have done that for me...

On a brighter note, Welcome to Blogger to one of my dearest Sorors, Hesha! I can't wait to read what you have to say on your blog Dropping Knowledge!

Until next time I remain,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On The Line

I'm still alive over here.
It's summer time but I don't feel "summery"; if that's a word...
Oh well. People keep sending me messages that this too shall pass.
Yeah, well. Ok.

I've been thinking about this blog.
I miss posting.
But I have been working on two other blogs. And Social Networking...
Mostly for my students.
They need to know how to do this when they get out of school.
And do it right.

It's summer time, but I don't feel "summery"; if that's a word...

I know my blog buddies are doing well. I keep up with most of you through Facebook.
U may think, facebook but not blogging? Mobile facebook updates are easier than mobile blogging...

The state of our society is REALLY depressing. REALLY.
Did I say that already??

I facebook'd (if that's really a word) a riddle me this the other day.
You love your husband and have a beautiful family. It's you two against the world; or so you think. You suddenly find out he's been killed by a mistress. How do you plan a SPIRITUALLY fitting funeral to lay his body to rest. The LORD would have to intervene because I'd be BITTER.

How about you?

Politics have been politics as unusual...
I live in the state where our gov is trying to fall back in love with his wife. Oh, we're also in the middle of the bible belt but no one is giving this man grief about his escapades. Oh well.

I recently had conversations with this guy.
He likes me.
You know there's a "but" coming right?
He's not the ONE.
And I grew tired of going round and round about nothing.
No substance.

I recently saw a picture of my ex's ex and I couldn't help thinking, "Wow. He did alot better with me." I'm sure he'd be in a state of OMG to see what she looks like now.

Someday, my TRUE prince will come and I'll not settle because it's my life and I don't want to be stuck with no smiles and laughter in my day.
I deserve to be Shelia in Why Did I Get Married. You know the line-- "He loves me for me and who I am and I wake up with such JOY in my heart! Oh! I wake up with such JOY in my heart!"

Still in a DAILY state of shock about Michael Jackson. Of course, I almost posted the day he died but I didn't want to be cliche. How do you make that little accent on your computer for the 'e' in cliche. I'm sure I could find it if I looked for it.
You know what's next.
Oh well.

Back to MJ, I was a fan of MJ. I could probably say I loved him as a fan would love him. I could see his pain but feel honored to live in THIS lifetime to see his talent.
Flashback to one of my facebook status updates; Dear Sensational Media, I think you are angry because Paris did what you are unable to. Love her DADDY unconditionally. Yes, she has a right to speak and NO, it was not staged. Leave those kids alone.
I mean that. Really.
Of course, I bought The MJ Ultimate collection as any fan would and I wonder how in the world I ever missed the song "On The Line". Guess I didn't pay attention to the opening of the movie Get On The Bus. It is truly one of his most under rated songs. I'm a sucker for ballads and this one has become one of my new favs. I've been blasting it for a few days now.

I'm going to post the song before I go.
As you can tell; Life is just Life right now.
One of my sorors just posted she's in an odd state spiritually and emotionally.
I can say; I feel ya.

I did this song an injustice by skipping over it the 1st time. How wrong I was...

As always, I remain,