Sunday, March 8, 2009

Freedom of Expression

I teach, therefore I am... No, really.
By now you know I'm a people watcher. I'm usually the one sitting a little off from the others, arms folded and quiet. It's earned me quite the reputation for being a snob but it's not really that, it's just that I'm taking in the scene. Doing my thing. People watching. Anyway, I digress. Well, this week, some kids at my school decided amongst themselves that they were going to have their very own tacky day. Wow. They came up with that on their own. Ok, I'm a sarcastic people watcher:-) Anyway, in their mind, it's waaaay cool to wear plaid pants and striped shirts with totally unmatching colors and two totally different pairs of socks on each leg pulled all the way up to the knees. *complete silence* Ok. If you want to express yourself, go for it. yadda, yadda, yadda. They coordinated the WHOLE thing and walked into school like "What??". They were so proud... Then...IT happened... In comes the ONE who will mess it up for everybody... Yep. The ONE... In walks a grown azz 15 year old size 16 but wearing a size 12 hot mess. She. went. too. far. SHE decides it's cute to wear a d@mn DIAPER to school over her tacky clothes. I'm mad that she either: 1. Went to the store and bought diapers that big or 2. Stole some depends from her disabled relative. Those things are hella expensive. My reaction?? *mouth drop* *complete silence for a minute* Grab the cell phone, take a picture and send it to my other co-workers lucky enough to not be in the midst of this atrocity... Maybe I was wrong and I'll pay for it one day but for that moment, someone else had to share in my misery. She had NO shame in this game and the facial expression to match it. Seriously. I had a flashback of Jamie Foxx's Wanda as I took in her mean mugging face... My previous attempts to reach this child were fruitless and unappreciated. By her and her momma... Somebody, anybody, everybody please, help me out here! I'm supposed to understand these things but what the heck was that big "A" diaper supposed to prove?? If you were still a student, would you go that far?? If this were your daughter, would you allow her to go to school dressed like this all for the sake of "expressing oneself?? If she were mine, she'd be UNDER the house before I allowed that freedom of expression. No way, babycakes... Amendment rights do NOT apply to you... Get a job to pay for them diapers you wanna wear and then you have a bargaining chip! Ugh!

Congrats to 12kyle on the new job and Mrs12 for joining the ranks of the greatest sorority in the world. Welcome to the Sisterhood!

Until next time, I remain...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Photo Fun!

Ok. Ok. Ok. So I've been M.I.A. for a minute. Ok, well... maybe an hour! Y'all (like my southern slang?) it's been more than a notion making everything happen in a 24 hour period! As most of you know, I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Science to middle school special needs children. If you know anything about South Carolina State Standards, you'd also realize that each grade level has an entirely different curriculum. Beyond inquiry and process skills, no class learns the same material. That rules out teaching the same lesson to different classes :-( Phooey for me. Add that to Special Education paperwork and taking care of my mom, it's a no go for my blog posts!

Fast forward to today. I'm sitting at home due to 6 1/2 inches of snow on the ground. Wow. Snow. Falling on the 1st day of March. Talk about March coming in like a lion! Deep breath. Aaaaahhhhh! It felt so good to sleep a little late and not have the usual deadlines and pressures of work, get home, check on mom, fixing dinner, taking care of the dog, etc bearing down on me. You get the point! Soooo, after doing a few household catchup things, I played around on a website I found out about at a technology conference. It was a great way to relax, relate, release (Go Whitley Gilbert!) and I found myself just playing around with different photo effects. I don't have an earthshattering blog topic today so I'll just post a little of my PhotoFunia work. Enjoy!

Check em out for yourself-
I look forward to your creative pics!

Until next time I remain,