Monday, August 4, 2008


** If you are viewing a picture of My Meez below, you are toooooo late for my actual slideshow :-( I warned you to not delay for my pictures would not be up for very long. 48 hours max! For those of you that did get a chance to see photos, how well does my Meez match up to the real thing?? :-)**

Folks, today, I thought I'd share a few photos of me and my world. This is a chance for you to see another part of who I am and things that I do. The slide show on this post comes from my Divine9Online page so most of the photos are sorority related. Some other time, I'll share my BulldogUnit photos and you'll have an opportunity to see a more rounded out part of my life. Don't delay in viewing my pics for they may soon be goooonnnnneee... :-)

Before I share, I'd just like to say that lately, I've had this strange feeling that I have major moments to experience in my life and that there is greatness within me still yet to be revealed. Somehow, I just KNOW that I have better things ahead and that God does not intend for me to remain stagnant and stuck on my one way street. "No man was ever great without divine inspiration". I will be an obedient follower and will allow him to order my steps...
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Oh yeah, to all my blogger buddies, I MISSED you guys while I was away! I logged on briefly to send some replies but that was about all I had time for. Glad to be back in the mix. Welcome back Writer's Dream. You took a long vacation on us but I hope all was well with you and you are blessed and highly favored.

Until next time,
Be sexy be true

P.S. For some odd reason, some of my photos are cut off on the right side. Don't know what that's about but it seems like some of my stuff on my blog always gets cut off. Oh, well. C'est La Vie!!


Keith said...

Hey Dione, Welcome back...Glad you had a good time at your convention.
Great Pictures!
Thanks for dropping by my site once again..You're right about the soul food being sinful...I'm back to eating Oatmeal for Breakfast and
Salads for dinner for the rest of the week..Have to keep my blood pressure stable.(Can't cheat anymore for the rest of the month-lololol)

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Welcome back!!! I swear you look like someone I know...have we ever met before? Have you ever stayed in NC or Atlanta before?

Anyways, cute pictures :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u look great my mom is a delta

12kyle said...

it's about time that you put up some pics. lol!!! lookin' good, tho

i'm tryna find some old pics from school. i have em around here somewhere. you'll laugh when you see it.

Dione said...

Keith- It's good to be back! I had lots of "sinful" food while I was away. There was even a "sinful" food tour! Yummy!

BCU- Thanks for the luv greeksista!mNope never lived in ATL nor NC but I have had extended visits to both places! Usually, most people recognize me from a food review gig I had a few years ago. I reviewed 1 restaurant a week for a year and it was published in a weekly newspaper.

RawDawg- Thanks my brother! I left a comment on your of your posts about MommaDelta...

12Kyle- Man, you know the pics are not going to stay around for long. Blink and they'll be gone! My meez will have to suffice. Does she look like me? :-) What pictures from school are you talking about? None of me, right????

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Um... I guess I was too late!