Friday, June 13, 2008

Lessons from Love and Basketball

Folks, today I watched an age old favorite movie from back in the day. Love and Basketball. Now there's one of those classic movies that never gets old! Great cast, AWESOME soundtrack, and a stellar cast! Of course, U gotta give Sanaa her props because she played the hell outta her role, Omar was quite a looker but his dad, Whew! Q's daddy was the eye candy here.

I digress.

As I sat watching this for the 30th time, I realized the lessons that could be taken from this movie:

1. Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you can't bring it even in the company of all males
Young Monica entered the movie by whoopin some young male azz just cause they ASSUMED that she couldn't handle her own on the court! She had game. She brought it and made no apologies for her skills. She paid for it by gaining a battle scar from a male temper tantrum but hey, that comes with the territory!

2. Forgive the opposite sex for the error of their ways. It's ok to give them a second chance if they appear to have potential
Monica forgave Q after he reluctantly apologized for his (Mis)ASSUMPTION of her skills. They even had a decent convo about sports stats. A great friendship was created because they had something in common and they were both genuinely good kids. That's the great thing about being a kid. You have fewer inhibitions than adults. It's easier to create lasting friendships when you're a kid...

3. Be ye a lady
My man Q wanted to be Monica's boyfriend. Even though he was just a kid, he knew a good woman. Of course, back in the day, you had to seal that kind of deal with a KISS. Monica, smart young lady that she was, said the kiss could not take place in public. Way To go girl! Don't air your bizness in the street. Take it to a private place! I gotta give it to Q though. He counted down to make sure he got his 5 seconds in!!

4. If your hubby comes home from a 4 day bizness trip and says he needs to go back out for a meeting, HECK YEAH hire a Private Investigator!
Q's dad was a tall dark piece of chocolate. He put his family in a nice neighborhood and a more than comfortable house. But he was a ladies man. Tippin out all all hours of the night. What good is that chocolate if u ain't getting none and he's supposed to be your man? I'm sorry, my piece of mind (not to mention my health) is worth more than that. Snooping is wrong. I agree. BUT, if I find damaging evidence, then so be it. At least I'll be freeeeeeee of yo lyin azz.....

5. Momma makes sacrifices too
Monica's mom appeared a little intimidated by her hubby. She was "susie home maker" in Monica's eyes. I can't say I totally disagree with Mom's stance on that one. Hey, we all have career dreams. Today's woman has it all. Career, children, pays the bills. Everything. However, if you CAN afford to stay at home while your children are young and impressionable, I'm not going to look down on you for that. They had young African American children clearly surrounded by folks that did not look like them. I don't blame Mom's for being there, showing them a complete family unit, and taking care of hubby. (Ok, well, I have a little problem with being THAT SUBMISSIVE to your man but I know she was working in the best interest of her family for that time) Remember, I said this was a lesson so I still have learning to take from it...

6. Sometimes the Hot Hunks get their ego checked
Boris Kodjo.
Whew, I'm back... As fine and experienced as he was, he still had a hard time making conversation at a simple senior prom aannnddd, he went home alone (or at least without Monica) at the end of the night. Just goes to show you, compatibility is key when selecting your love interest...

7. Your 1st should be with someone you KNOW, TRUST and LOVE
Ahhh! You watched the movie, you remember the scene. What a tender moment.
enuff said about that.

8. Get your education no matter what
Don't be a hard head and not do the right thing just cause you mad at your daddy. Q learned that lesson the hard way because he was blinded by anger over his dad's infidelities. I'm not saying education is the ONE answer for everything and NO it won't open ALL doors for you but you'll have a better chance on cracking the window with an education than trying to get along without it...

9. Be passionate about your chosen craft
Monica LOVED basketball. She had Spalding Dreams! Haaaaa! Sometimes her passion got her in trouble but nobody could take away the fact that she knew BASKETBALL!
That's the lesson I try to get my students to understand. When you decide on what you want to do in life (and hopefully, you'll choose something you ENJOY) by all means, go all out to understand the ins and outs, EVERYTHING! Nothing worth having is easily gotten and you must work to be at the top of your field!

10. If it's something worth having and giving up everything else for, go Double or Nothing
You remember the scene in the backyard two weeks before Q's wedding. That's what I'm talking 'bout!! Don't make a huge mistake just to save face. Follow your HEART!

Umm Hmmm. Lessons from Love and Basketball.
Gotta Love it. I can't wait to see the lessons you come up with!

I hope that all the DAD'S out there have a GREAT weekend! Until next time... Relax and watch a good "Back in the Day" movie. It'll put a smile on your face!


12kyle said...

*i see that you have switched some things up in your evolution*

That was a GREAT movie. I could relate to it on so many levels. The main one being an athlete in college. There's a difference in the school where he went and the school where I went but you get my point.

I think one of the lessons that I took from the movie is that if you want to have a long term relationship with someone...let it be your friend. Let it be that person who was down for you from day 1. That's important. That's what he did and it worked out for him.

Eb the Celeb said...

All very very good points... I seem to dissect Love Jones everytime I watch is a get something else from it just like you did this movie here.

I did watch this on cable last night. It was on Oxygen. Right now they have brown sugar on... and its crazy even though I have all these movies on dvd, I am still sitting up here watching them with the commercials like I dont.

Dione said...

"Let it be that person who was down for you from day 1." I agree my friend. Know who's in your corner...

@eb the celeb
Thanks for dropping in! Next time, I'll set out cocktails! Any preference??
Gotta love that Brown Sugar. Some of these movies are just classics. They are worthy of being watched over and over everytime they come on even though we probably have them on VHS AND DVD...