Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I wonder...

Hey all,
I've been away for a minute dealing with last minute things for the END of school. Tomorrow is the FINAL day for our students!! I can breathe without the constant hover of lesson plans and deadlines!

Now I can finally concentrate on this new obsession of mine... BLOGGING!! I can't begin to tell you how many blogs I have visited just trying to get the hang of the whole thing. I've been enlightened to say the least. There's a lot of talent out there and most of it comes from my people! *sticking chest out* This is a strange but eye opening experience for me because I'm normally not a talkative person but I am constantly thinking and analyzing everything.
Today, instead of my usual rant and rave blog, I'm going to make this a shortie and post some of my I wonders...

I Wonder...

Why did this young lady think she could wear this dress to the prom? Why not spend the money to fix her hair instead?
One funny thing though, they told her she wasn't wearing any underwear and then handcuffed her to get her out of the building. Why? She obviously could not hide any weapons in that dress!

Why gas just hit $4.05/gallon and the government only gives us a measly $600 to stimulate their economy! It's damn ridiculous I tell ya!

Why my last man was such a busta. That fling lasted 4 months and I was OWT! It was a long distance relationship (Big no, no from now on...) and the more I got to know him, the cornier he seemed. How could he not know he was a busta?? Good riddance bruh. I'm back on the market...

There's a crackhead that lives 6 blocks down from me, she got a man and now she's pregnant! Why do the ones with the most dire of situations get the blessings?

I wonder if Michael Jacko has to remove the artificial tip on his nose before going to sleep so he won't lose it in the bed?

Did OJ do it? aannndddd... WHY did he write a book called "If I Did It" for the 10 year anniversary of Anna Nicole's death?

What is the ONE biggest blockbuster black movie of all time?

Who shot Tupac?

Until next time... Be good to each other...Muah!!


writers dream said...

I wonder half of these things too, especially the tupac shooting. But most of these questions have the craziest answers to them. But the bible says whats done in darkness willbe brought to light. So wait patiently we will know in due time.-Peace

12kyle said...

@ Dione
You're not talkative???? Mmmmmhmmmm!!! LMAO!!!

I didn't get my 6 hunnid!!! LOL. They still owe me my 40 acres and a mule

A crackhead with a man??? That doesn't sound right...does it? LOL

OJ did it...but he had help

Blockbuster black movie? I'ma say Coming to America

I think Suge set Tupac up.

Mizrepresent said...

SMH and LMAO at chick in a dress...yes a hair do and two more strips of material would have helped.

Glad you shook that Busta girl! Welcome again to Blogland!

@12kyle - i'm with you on the Suge tip!

Dione said...

@ writers dream...
Amen My Sista!

I don't talk alot. Really.
I didn't get my 6 either. The gubment eats my check.
Coming To America as the biggest black blockbuster?? Maybe we'll put that one up for a blog discussion one day...

@ mizrepresent...
Thank you for stopping thru!
That poor chile's hair looked like an afterthought! It distracted from the glamour she COULD have had even with the poor choice of dress!
*wiping hands of old busta*

Kim said...

Dione -- if you think the prom dress is hideous look at these that I saw on mediatakeout.com.


and this one are two five-year olds dressed for the prom (not pretty).