Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Teacher's Desk

Does this desk look almighty and powerful?? How many of us hold the teacher's desk with such high esteem to bestow upon it super powers beyond human measure? Maybe I'm off on one of my rants again but lately I have started noticing how many people seem literally tied to this piece of wood in a classroom. Ok, my school has gone through HOURS upon HOURS of Professional Development so we understand the importance of circulating around our rooms amongst the students. Personally, I have long ago given up that "Sage on the stage" role and have taken up my proper place among my students as their "Guide on the Side". Research tells us that our students must be involved in collaborative learning in order for them to "get it". Collaboration certainly cannot be done from behind this inordinate object that serves as a barrier between you and them. Hmmm... ok, in all fairness, I must say it's usually substitutes that exhibit this behavior; but not always... Almost as if that desk will put up some protective shield should the kids look at them the wrong way... It's quite funny actually. One such lady looked like she was one with the desk. Caressing it's every crease and crevice and looking lovingly against the grains!
Why? Why I say? What makes you think that furniture will give you the power you are seeking? It just gives me an uneasy feeling. Almost like the person doesn't really know what they're doing. Just in the room as a babysitter... Kids are different these days and they were born in the digital age. That sitting behind the desk ish ain't kosher! Me? Sure, I have a desk, but when do I get a chance to use it?? I sit smack dab in the middle of my classroom...

That's where all the action happens. Sure, I'm also a little bit of a control freak so I sit where I can bop em upside the head if I need to. (Just kidding. Don't want anyone to haul me off to jail...)

Anyway. That was my quick, pointless rant for the day.

One of my sisters is now on the Blogging Circuit! Her blog is Scrap In Color and I'm soooooo proud of the fact that she is out there doing the dang thang! I dabble in scrappin' but Step is the Master, guru, head scrapper in charge of this realm and I gladly step aside and yield to her in the presence of patterned paper and paper cutters!
Congratulations and Best Wishes to you Step! Luv ya and I'm adding ya to my blog roll!

Pray that our Governor will come to his senses and stop refusing our state's cut of the stimulus money!

Until next time, I remain


Keith said...

So glad to read a post by you...(It's getting to be like a special event.lololol) I know you're busy,I'm just kidding...Good to hear from you just the same.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

good deal, teachers and parents u know.

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